Outdoor activities when you are at home

Some of the easiest ways to help relieve some of the tension is going out and enjoying some fresh air ideally at least six feet or more away from your neighbour at this moment. As most of us are managing our lifestyles to cope with the pandemic. If you’re fortunate enough to have an outdoor setup, be it a backyard or your balcony, there are 4 ways to enjoy the outdoors when you are at home. 

The great outdoors offers you plenty of time to talk with your family. It is also understood that seeing the colour of the sky and green grass or trees enhances a chemical in the brain called serotonin, which improves our mental well-being and helps us feel good. This always helps us feel less constrained and would potentially make us healthier, and it’s beneficial for the body as well.

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Setup a Garden or Balcony picnic

Nothing like cooking your favourite food and creating a garden or balcony picnic-style lunch or dinner.  It’s a lot of fun setting up and spending valuable time with your family   Gather your Bluetooth mic, cocktail ingredients and a few glasses to get the feel of your outdoor hangout place right at home. 

Read under the Shade of a Tree

If you have a garden and some trees around this one activity that will please you. As you know that real learning comes through contemplation, which is why any amount of reflective time is very important and still used by most of us. Although an Outward bound trip is a perfect place to explore, you don’t have to travel too far to achieve comparable outcomes. Find a tree’s shade, bring a blanket up and let the thoughts pour and allow some time to pass while you acquire some valuable knowledge. 

Create an open-air lounge space

Have you decided to postpone a spring break or summer beach holiday? To give your outdoor space a tropical feel, set up an outdoor lounge space on your patio or in the yard. You may either scour the internet for deck chairs, chaise lounges, hammocks and outdoor sectionals or build your own outdoor lounge model. All you need to complete this project is a bed frame on the platform, a futon mattress and fabric on the outside to cover it. 

Develop a comfort zone

Is your Yoga Studio missing? At home, you can also do a restorative practice and make it much easier by building a backyard or balcony yoga space. Create an atmosphere with relaxing scents such as lavender or jasmine, construct a route to your comfort place or even develop a standing tent with curtains that fly in the dry, calming breeze, if space permits. It does not necessarily mean that you should have space only to practice yoga, meditation or spirituality. Creating a comfort zone at home, allows you to experience the space whenever you feel stressed, tired or looking for a change in mood. 

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