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Make the most out of your bathroom space

Though we spend significantly less time in bathrooms as compared to other rooms in our homes, they are a space that we frequent many times during the day. They are important for our personal hygienic needs and our home living experience simply cannot exist without them. Thus, bathrooms can be called the most ‘personal’ room in one’s home. 

‘Personal’ doesn’t have to just refer to the purpose that the bathroom serves in terms of its utility, but also in terms of other qualities such as its aesthetic. As such, initiative can be taken to fully utilize our bathroom spaces in creative ways to enhance the overall experience when using it. Listed below are some ways to make the most out of the available space in your bathrooms. 

Wall shelves 

None of us like the sight of our toiletries scattered all around our bathroom. And while cabinets help put them out of our sight and into a designated storage, it ends up consuming a lot of space. Wall shelves can solve this problem by giving you the storage space that you need without taking up too much space. Moreover, they offer a unique style to it when installed on the wall. They can range from incredibly affordable (ones made of plastic) to luxurious ones (those made of wood, ceramic, etc) so there’s something for everyone looking to incorporate this into their bathrooms. 

One necessary precaution to take however is to buy wall shelves that have waterproof paint/coating so that it does not get damaged by water or even the excess humidity. 


Because of what we use bathrooms for, they can sometimes harbour unpleasant smells. While exhausts can help remove some of these smells, the best way to combat a bad smell is with a wonderful smell. This can be done with the help of scented candles, diffusing essential oils, and natural incenses. All of which fill up the bathroom with pleasant scents, leaving you feeling good after completing your hygienic business. 


Just like we make sure to put bright, fancy lighting in our living rooms, our bathrooms too could use some nice lighting. Of course this doesn’t mean we should install a chandelier above our toilet, but at the very least adding lights that transform your bathroom from dingy to dazzling. When it comes to lighting, there are many different types that illuminate in different ways. Arguably, the best look is the natural look. So, try to replicate the sun’s daylight as much as possible. Halogen bulbs come close to replicating the beaming day light of the sun in terms of colour temperature and brightness. 


For those of you that adore plants, there are many that would love to be welcomed into your bathroom. In fact, some plants thrive specifically in bathrooms because of the higher levels of humidity. Listed below are some plants that will liven up with your bathroom space.

Plants that grow flowers: Anthurium, Orchid, Begonia, Peace Lily

Plants that will purify bathroom air: English Ivy, Lemon Balm, Aloe vera 

Plants for adding greenery: Birds nest fern, Zamioculcas zamiifolia (ZZ plant), Snake plant, Spider plant

Decor should not be restricted to select rooms at your home. Your bathroom could use different aesthetic elements to enhance the overall experience of frequenting the room. Space is undoubtedly a major factor when it comes to our freedom of doing up our bathrooms. After all, to optimally utilize our bathroom space, they have to be big spaces in the first place. Naturally, big bathrooms come with spacious homes, which should further incentivize your decision to move into a big home. 

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