Latest Apartment concepts in Sri Lanka

The trend keeps on changing day by day. It is important to change with the latest trend. If you live in an apartment today, there are significant chances that your loft is an open idea floor plan. Because that is something that is trending nowadays in Sri Lanka. The open idea is characterized as a space with no partitioning walls between the living zones. This floor plan is enormously famous at present. 

It’s difficult to perceive any reason why open floor plans are so cherished. Done well, these spaces are splendid and breezy, easygoing, and contemporary – ideal for family living! Yet, this doesn’t mean they’re anything but difficult to brighten. Open design ideas tend to look muddled, crisscrossed and scattered but above all-natural. 

Well, the trending apartment concept in Sri Lanka has some everyday things that they keep in mind. You can accomplish a flawlessly beautified and trendy open idea home with these straightforward steps. 

Repeat Patterns 

Rework specific key examples, themes, and other surfaces. Try not to get excessively matchy, yet pick a concept to repeat in textures, beautifying adornments, and craftsmanship. This stuff add value to the look and feel of your luxury apartment. 

Choose Furniture 

Pick furniture that fits in perfectly. In case you have high roofs and vast space, scale-up. In the event that you have a more comfortable room, downsize. All you need to do is measure every area. Measure and be specific. Furniture will fit up the flight of stairs, through your entryway, and inside the space.


Bind together the stylistic layout of your open idea rooms by utilizing a shading plan. Pick a couple of tones to rehash in your furnishings and extras and on your deck and wall all through the open idea space. This should be something that binds the whole area together. If you cannot work out the colour combinations try to get guidance from someone who knows the subject. 

Include Personality 

Include character with live plants, gifts, family photos, and adornments that recount a story. Encircle yourself with things that mean something to you and add appeal to space. An apartment home that looks lively will add ambience and confidence. Making you naturally relaxed when you are back home. Personality types for your luxury apartment can be sporty, calm, electric, greeny, corporate, funky etc. 

Think Storage 

Storage is one of the most important aspects of any room. Upgrade existing extra rooms with space savers, cabinet coordinators, and receptacles. Regularly open idea formats have negligible wardrobe space because there are fewer dividers, so ensure you use what you have productively. Its is always useful to have an extra cupboard to always store your excess things that add up. 

Drop Zone 

Do you feel like clutter just keeps coming into your house? Even if you spend a ton of time decluttering, does it seem like more stuff magically appears each and every day? A drop zone is a place where you can “drop” all of the things you bring with you when you come home. Some houses have mudrooms, others have coat closets, and most homes have nothing formal set up. Make a door drop zone. Create a little passage table, coat rack, umbrella stand, mail coordinator, and catchall bowl close to your passageway to keep that space clean.

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