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How to incorporate sustainability into your home

Sustainability is important for many reasons – reasons that we already know, or have been told numerous times already. With all the prerequisite knowledge about sustainable living and the impact it will have on future generations, the question we need to ask ourselves is ‘how sustainable are our own homes’?

There are many different ways to incorporate sustainability into every corner of your home, some admittedly more complicated than the others. That being said, it is important to remember that even the smallest steps taken in the right direction result in a giant leap for sustainability.

The following are some ideas for you to consider to get started with sustainability at home:


The kind of lighting in your house has a big role to play in contributing to sustainability, given that it is one of the most used facilities in your home, especially after sunset and before sun rise. Simply making the switch to more energy efficient lighting such as LED will go a long way in conservation efforts, as it uses 75% less energy and is usable upto 25 times longer than traditional electrical lighting.

A step even further would be to make more provisions for natural light to enter your home, thereby cutting down reliance on electrical lighting during the morning, afternoon, and early evening.

Wall paint

When thinking of sustainability at home, it’s easy to overlook the role our walls can play, and more specifically wall paint. As it turns out, the type of paint used to coat your home’s walls has its own significance with respect to air quality. The best way to go about this is by opting for 100% organic VOC-Free paint. VOC usually consists of unfavorable chemical compounds that can slowly but surely cause health problems to those in the vicinity as well as degrade the air quality indoors. 

Renewable energy

In the 21st century, we are more dependent than ever on non-renewable sources of energy, which has led to harmful consequences on the environment. Thus the obvious step to counter this problem is by opting for renewable sources of energy. And in the context of your home, this means installing technology and machinery that makes use of renewable energy, the best example of which is solar powered water heaters that make use of the sun’s solar energy (which is practically unlimited).


Furniture is one of the most important elements in our home interior spaces, and as such offers opportunities for making better choices when it comes to supporting the environment. In this regard, it helps to purchase furniture that is built using eco-friendly materials, or better yet furniture that has been made using reused and recycled materials. Though it may be slightly more difficult to find and require more investment, it’s absolutely worth it in the long run and the overall cause of sustainable living.

Rain water harvesting

We have learnt about this in our school days. And even today it continues to hold up as one of the best methods for conserving our planet’s valuable water. Installing a rainwater harvesting system at home will ensure that you always have adequate water supply for all your household needs, by simply collecting back the water which falls back down as rain. This is especially relevant today in a time where cities are running out of groundwater at an alarming rate. 

With all of this explained, there are homes that already have provisions for sustainability built in, allowing you to rest easy knowing that your home is helping the environment and natural ecosystems around you. 

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